Eco-Friendly Limousines in St. Louis

If everyone shared a ride, imagine the many hundreds of thousands of vehicles that would be off the road each day. This would lessen our traffic congestion, make trips faster, cutting fuel cost and car maintenance costs tremendously

You’re spending time wisely.

By reserving a chauffeured vehicle and sharing a ride with someone to the airport, meeting, or to work has many advantages. More time to finish last minute assignments, prepare for a meeting or to simply just relax and take advantage of some downtime.

Chauffeured cars that use flex fuel to help our environment.

E85 increases gas mileage, has roughly 80% fewer carbon emissions, eliminates the emissions of acid rain creating toxins, and on top of all that can be harvested and created from such a wide variety of sources. Ethanol can be extracted from sources such as prairie switch grass, wood chips and corn husks.

With a stylish line of alternative fuel vehicles we offer an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional limo rental.

  • Peaceful airport transportation
  • Stylish VIP travel for your most valued clients
  • Exciting excursions throughout St. Louis Area
  • Special events & safe transportation point-to-point

Our 5 Acre Campus has gone Green.

We recycle all paper, plastic and aluminum products and decorations. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products and recycle waste oils from our vehicles.

Our next goal… generating kinetic energy by use of water and/or wind to power smaller units such as office computers to save energy.